Case Study: DocXellent

Adding video to homepage results in 300% increase in pageviews per visitor



June 29, 2015 – Palo Alto, California

Prior to DocXellent partnering with Sharp Eye Animation to produce their 90-second video, the Connecticut-based document management software provider had no marketing videos to help explain their complex and powerful software to their online audience.

Their “ensur” product helps companies with document version control, packaging management and specification management, and they’ve traditionally relied on word of mouth and a high organic search ranking to drive traffic to their site.

The team was looking for new ways to help expand their online footprint, and they thought that having a fun, informative video could get their most important messages across to their audience more effectively than text-heavy webpages.

“We have a unique value proposition and we wanted to see if making a video could give us an advantage”, said Gary Carignan, VP of Sales. And he’s glad he did.

In less than 30 days after adding their video to their homepage, the company’s Alexa rating (screenshot below) showed average pageviews per visitor increase by 300%, and their average time spent on their site per visitor spiked 240%.

“Now that we have a video that explains our important messages in less than 2-minutes, it’s no surprise that more people are staying on our website longer, watching our video and exploring the site. We also put the video on YouTube so people can find us there as well. We’re really happy we partnered with Sharp Eye Animation, and we loved our Sharp Eye experience.” Carignan continued.

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