Case Study: Drive Smart Georgia

Adding video to homepage results in 82% increase in search ranking in just two months.



August 3, 2015 – Palo Alto, California

Drive Smart Georgia is a top-rated driver’s education school based near Atlanta, Georgia who recently partnered with us to produce their 60-second animated video. Their customer base is made up of mostly young parents and pre-licensed Millennials – notorious for their high rates of watching video. Since the school’s inception, they’ve served over 15,000 students and have become one of the largest and most successful driving schools in the area.

They traditionally relied on other means of marketing themselves – namely word of mouth, organic search rankings, and paid search ads, but were curious to see if adding a video to their website would boost business.

Owner Steve Jones wanted to continue the business’ growth and ensure that their footprint in the region continued to grow as well. He saw Google’s report on Millennials’ growth in watching video, and had the feeling that hosting his own on YouTube could not only help Drive Smart Video reach more Millennials, but it could also give him a unique advantage against competition. And Jones was right. By uploading to YouTube and adding specific keywords to the video’s metadata, Drive Smart Georgia was able to begin showing up organically on YouTube for the first time, which began driving more traffic to his website.

“Other driving schools haven’t really been hosting videos on YouTube, so I thought that since young people are spending more time watching online video, having our own would be a no-brainer”, Jones says.

Less than two months after uploading their video on YouTube, Amazon-owned reported that Drive Smart Georgia’s website saw an increase in organic search visits by 82%.

They saw other positive results as well. For example, over the same time period the daily time spent on their site increased 57% and their average page views/visitor increased 50% (screen shots below).

“We’ve seen more students start coming through our doors, and some have mentioned the video”. Working with Sharp Eye Animation turned out to be one of the best marketing decisions we’ve made. We love what the video is doing.”

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