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Now that we have a video that explains our important messages in less than 2-minutes…people are staying on our website longer, watching our video and exploring the site
Gary Carignan, CEO, DocXellent


About DocXellent:

Connecticut-based DocXellent is a leading provider of electronic document control software and quality software applications with over 30 years of experience. The company designs their products to be configurable allowing customers to organize their electronic document control and quality management functions the way they operate.


As a leading player in the document management software industry, DocXellent was looking to increase pageviews per visit, average time spent on site and other key SEO metrics that impact organic search engine rankings and discoverability on YouTube. DocXellent wanted to:

  • Improve search engine positions
  • Increase average time spent on site
  • Increase average  pageviews per visitor


Sharp Eye Animation produced DocXellent’s cartoon-style “ensur” explainer video that would be added to their website’s homepage and YouTube channel.


“We have a unique value proposition and we wanted to see if making a video could give us an advantage”
Gary Carignan, VP of Sales, DocXellent



After adding the video to their website and YouTube channel, thrilling results surfaced:

  • Increase in organic search visits by 35%
  • 300% increase in pageviews per visit
  • 240% increase in time spent on site


Being in an incredibly competitive industry like document management software means it’s critical to have solid SEO rankings. By partnering with Sharp Eye Animation, DocXellent helped continue it’s momentum in the document management software space by improving website’s organic traffic and overall engagement.


“We’re really happy we partnered with Sharp Eye Animation, and we loved our Sharp Eye experience.
Gary Carignan, VP of Sales, DocXellent

DocXellent explainer video produced by Sharp Eye Animation

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