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Many businesses use video to help get their important messages across to audiences in a fun, engaging and memorable way. They’ll add them to their website, social channels and email campaigns, where they act as a super-efficient salesperson, delivering the perfect pitch every time. It’s no secret that they’re one of the most powerful tools in a company’s marketing arsenal, and when they’re done well they provide exciting results.

Custom animated videos – like the ones we produce here at Sharp Eye Animation – are full of fun visuals, so we decided to help our clients get more from them by offering an integrated marketing service where in addition to producing a video, we’ll also provide high-resolution artwork from the animation. Characters and scenes, for example, can now be provided, creating a more holistic brand experience for viewers while also increasing the return-on-investment (ROI) from the spend.

Say you run an ecommerce site that sells custom hats and you’ve just produced a video that shows a character – Paul, let’s say – going through the process of ordering a cool custom hat from your website. By the end of the video Paul has successfully gone through the process of choosing his style, color and size, and has ultimately become a very satisfied customer. But let’s say that you also want still images that show Paul wearing a different styles of your hats (cowboy, beanies, fedora, berets, etc) which you want add to your website. Although the video shows him ordering/wearing just one style of hat, Sharp Eye Animation will provide you with multiple images of Paul wearing different styles, in just about any pose or background that you’d like.

Drive Smart Georgia – an Atlanta-based driver’s education school – was one of our first clients who took advantage of this service. They requested additional characters who were holding up “I passed” signs, representing successful graduates of their driving school. They wanted to add the images to their website to give it a more fun and consistent look-and-feel. Within days, our artists produced various character designs that they’ve since added to this webpage.

integrated marketing exampleCustom artwork made for Client Drive Smart Georgia


Thanks to our unique unlimited revisions policy, we have a 100% customer satisfaction record, and we’re extending the unlimited revisions policy to this new integrated marketing service as well. It’s never been a better time to partner with Sharp Eye Animation to produce both your animated videos, as well as additional integrated marketing materials. Contact us here to get started.