Video Marketing Solutions

We know how much goes into making great marketing videos. Now we can help you get them in front of your target market.

Sharp Eye Animation Video Marketing Solutions

YouTube Marketing/Advertising

YouTube receives 1.9 billion logged-in visitors each month, and every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. Chances are that your potential customers look online for products or services that you sell, so if your videos aren’t advertising on YouTube, you’re missing out.

YouTube Certified

Advertising on YouTube today is extremely cost-effective & targeting gets better everyday. We can help you target viewers based on age, location, gender, income, even people who are actively researching your product or service online.

Just tell us where and when you want your video ad to show, and who you want to see it, and our team of YouTube Certified video specialists will get you results.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising:

  • Reach a highly-targeted audience
  • Connect with your audience at every stage of the video marketing funnel
  • Discover which of videos your videos are receiving the most engagement, who is watching them and for how long
  • Convert viewers into customers
  • Pay an average of $0.10 and $0.30 per view, depending on your goals and targeting

Video Marketing Funnel Purchase Awareness Interest Desire Retain

Learn how we can drive 5,000+ targeted views in under 30 days for just $10 per day, contact our team today for a free consultation.

YouTube Channel Audit

Our proven YouTube channel audit + update is designed to get your YouTube channel moving up in YouTube’s rankings. Our team of YouTube Certified video specialists identify any major or minor issues on your channel that may be invisible to viewers, but could be keeping your videos from appearing on the first page of YouTube search results. Then we’ll implement changes to help you increase ranking power.

Video Marketing Audit

YouTube Audit

We measure your channels strength by competition, search volume, current rankings and relevancy.

Video Updates

Video Updates

We update each of your videos to ensure that they adhere to YouTube’s current SEO recommendations.

Video reviews

Content Reviews

Receive detailed reports highlighting the performance of your updates, so you can use data to make future decisions.

YouTube SEO Strategy

Give your videos the best chance of being found on YouTube and search engines like Google by starting off with a proven strategy. Whether you want to get more viewers, traffic or customers from your YouTube videos, our YouTube SEO strategies are custom-built for your needs using the industry’s latest techniques.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

An in-depth review will identify keywords that will perform best for your YouTube videos’ meta data.

Meta data selection

Meta Tag Selection

Our team will find the very best meta tags for your videos, based on our four-step research method.

Channel Creation

Channel Creation

Channel branding, playlists, cards and more will be included in your SEO plan, to help your channel get found.

YouTube video production

YouTube Video Production

Produce long or short-form videos specifically for YouTube. Use them for bumper or in-stream video ads.

YouTube Video Optimization

YouTube Video Optimization

Reach more people with your YouTube videos by periodically optimizing them to rank better on search engines.

YouTube Video Promotion

YouTube Video Promotion

Promote your videos to a highly-targeted audience using online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Social Media Marketing

Get your videos in front of your audience’s eyes, regardless of what social media platform they’re on. Using Sharp Eye Animation’s robust video marketing experience, you can make sure that your videos show up directly in news feeds. Your viewers enjoy videos that are relevant to them, and you receive more prospects willing and able to buy.

Why We Do It Better

  • Team with 10+ years video marketing experience in Silicon Valley
  • Award-winning video marketing company
  • YouTube Certified video marketing partner
  • Dedicated account manager
  • End-to-end video marketing solution